BABY 美語100句


1. Mommy, the school bus is here. 媽咪,娃娃車來了。

2. I’m going to school. 我要去上學了。

3. Get on the bus. 上車。

4. Get off the bus. 下車。

5. Good morning, Miss Lin. 林老師,早!

6. Good morning, Principal/teacher/uncle/auntie. 園長/老師/叔叔/阿姨,早。

7. Say “Goodbye” to Daddy and Mommy. 跟爸爸、媽媽說再見。

8. Make one line, please. 請排成一排or please Line up

9. Everybody, line up/hands back/attention. 排隊/稍息/立正。


10. Put on your shoes/coat/hat. 鞋子/外套/帽子穿(戴)起來

11. Take off your shoes/coat/hat. 把鞋子脫掉/外套脫下/帽子脫下。

12. Put away your shoes/coat/hat. 把鞋子/外套/帽子放好。

13. Put your bag on your shelf. 把書包放到櫃子裏。

14. Give me your assignment book. 把作業簿給我。

15. Go finish your breakfast. 去把早餐吃完。

16. What’s the matter? 怎麼了?

17. I am sick. 我生病了。

18. I don’t feel well. 我覺得不太舒服。

19. Really? 真的嗎?

20. Poor baby. 可憐的孩子。

21. Put it back. 放回去。

22. Put it away. 收起來。

23. Turn on the light. 開燈。

24. Turn off the light. 關燈。

25. Don’t shove. 不要推。

26. Take your seats. 找個位子坐。

27. Stay in your chairs. 坐在你們的位子上。

28. Don’t leave your seat. 不要離開座位

29. Go back to your seat. 回去你的位子坐好

30. Can you hear me? 你聽得到我說話嗎

31. Please, pay attention. 請注意。

32. Pay attention to what I say. 注意聽我說()

33. Pay attention to the board. 注意看黑(白)板。

34. Everybody! Eyes on me! 各位,眼睛看我這邊。

35. Be quiet, please. 請安靜。

36. Put your hands on your lap. 把手放在腿上。

37. Raise your hand before you speak. 先舉手再說話。

38. Repeat after me. 跟著我唸

39. Pass it to , please. 請把它傳給 .

40. Pass it around. 傳過去。

41. Who can guess what this means? 誰猜得出這是什麼?

42. Can anyone tell me what this is? 誰能告訴我,這是什麼?

43. Does anyone else know? 還有誰知道(曉得)or Does anyone know?

44. Which one do you want? 你要那一個?

45. Pick one. 選一個

46. Chose one. 選一個。

47. Who knows the answers? 有誰知道答案啊?

48. Who else knows? 還有誰知道(答案)呢?

49. Answer me. 回答我

50. Do you understand? Yes, I do. 你懂嗎? 我懂。

51. I don’t understand. 我不懂。

52. If you don’t understand, ask me. 如果你不懂就問我。

53. Any questions? 有沒有問題?

54. Don’t be afraid to ask. 不要害怕問問題。

55. You can ask me any questions. 所有你不懂的都可以問我。

56. Not so fast, slowly. 不要這麼快,慢一點。

57. Do what I said. 照我的話做。

58. Listen to the directions. 聽我的指令。

59. Who won it? 誰贏了?

60. I’m going to teach you a new song. 我要教你們唱一首新歌。

61. Sing by yourself. 自己唱。

62. Sing to everyone. 唱給大家聽。

63. You are such a wonderful kid. 你是一個很棒的小孩。

64. You can make it. 你可以做得到的 。

65. Who can help me? 誰會幫我?

66. Come, I need your help. 來,來幫我。

67. You are a good helper. 你真是一個好幫手。

68. Don’t give up. Keep trying. 不要放棄,繼續努力。

69. Put it here (there). 放在這邊(那邊)。

70. Don’t lie. Be honest. 不要騙我,要誠實喔!

71. Don’t grab the toys. 不要搶玩具。

72. Don’t throw the toys. 不要丟玩具。

73. Don’t be messy. 別弄髒了。

74. Come to the front/stage. 到前面/台上來

75. Go upstairs/downstairs. 上樓;到樓上去。Ex: Let’s go upstairs

76. Come upstairs/downstairs. 到樓上來。

77. Get it? 懂嗎?


78. Go to the bathroom, kids. 孩子們,該去上廁所了。

79. Don’t forget to flush the toilet and wash your hands. 別忘了馬桶要沖水,手也要洗一洗。

80. Don’t play with water/soap. 不要玩水/香皂

81. Get your cups. 把你的杯子拿來。

82. Please put your bowl and spoon in your lunch bag. 把你的碗和湯匙放到餐袋裡。

83. Get some tissue paper. 拿些面紙來。

84. Wipe your mouth. 擦擦你的嘴


85. It’s nap time. Go to sleep. 午睡時間到了,該去睡覺了。At home ,It’s time to go to sleep .

86. Go get your sleeping bag/quilt/pillow. 去拿你的睡袋/棉被/枕頭

87. Put away your sleeping bag/quilt/pillow. 把睡袋/棉被/枕頭收好

88. Lie down and close your eyes. 躺好,然後把眼睛閉起來。

89. Have a nice dream. 祝你們有個好夢。


90. Take a pencil. 拿一隻鉛筆。

91. Do your paper. 寫評量。

92. You write very nicely. 你寫得很好。

93. Are you finished with your paper? 評量做完了嗎?

94. Don’t run with scissors. 不要拿著剪刀跑來跑去。

95. Don’t run in the classroom. 不要在教室跑來跑去。


96. The school bus is here. 校車已經在等了

97. Don’t forget your bag and jacket. 別忘了你的包包和外套。

98. Sandy, your mommy is here. Sandy,你媽媽來接你了。

99. Jimmy, your father is here. Please pack your schoolbag. It’s time to go home. 吉米,請拿你的書包,你爸爸


100. See you tomorrow. 明天見。



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