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Sync iPhone 3G with Windows Live Contacts

August 21, 2008 — ciappara

Ever wondered how you can sync all those Contacts you have in your MSN Messenger to your iPhone. Well wonder no more cause there’s a simple solution. The trick is to use Windows Vista and Windows Live Messenger (which is one of the many programs to manage your contacts). You must do the following:

  • Install Windows Live Messenger (obviously, only if it’s not installed)
  • log in using your Windows Live ID
  • Open Live Messenger window
  • From the Menu, choose Tools then select Options

You are now in the Options Dialog. Click on the Security tab and you’ll find an option titled “Encrypt contact list data so that it is not accessible outside of Windows Live Messenger.” You need to uncheck this option, as it’s checked by default. Click OK to close the window.

What has happened? If you open your Windows Contacts in Windows Vista, you’ll see that a new folder was created titled as your Windows Live ID ( In it you’ll find your Windows Live Contacts automatically synced with your account.

How do I sync now? The only thing remaining is to open up your iTunes and sync the iPhone with Windows Contacts. If you make changes or add new contacts on your iPhone, they are synced back to Windows Contacts. Another important thing is that next time you open Windows Live Messenger, the new synced contacts from the iPhone are automatically synced back to Windows Live Contacts (online).

This means that your contacts are synced throughout the whole cloud…

  • On the web (Windows Live Contacts)
  • On any computer (Windows Contacts, Windows Live Messenger)
  • Anywhere you go (iPhone, iPhone 3G and any other mobile that is capable of syncing with Windows Contacts on Vista)

Sync iPhone 3G with Windows Live Contacts « Clive Ciappara | Windows | iPhone | .Net



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